Passwordator is a small iOS application for generating passwords.

General principle

The proposed passwords are created by an algorithm using trigram statistics. This idea has been inspired by this article on

single tap shows the settings window. A double tap generates a new screen worth of passwords.

The number of alphabetical characters, the number of digits and symbols and the ratio between uppercase and lowercase characters is settable. A switch allows to "balance" opening and closing symbols.

At the bottom of the settings, an estimate of the generated passwords' entropy (see below) is displayed. This has the didactic advantage of showing that even somewhat "complex" passwords actually have a very low entropy if they are to stay pronounceable…

What is entropy?

A password's entropy represents its "strength". It shows the number of combination an attacker would have to explore, even knowing that this password has been generated by this application, in order to find it. For more information, see this article on Wikipedia.

Security considerations

This app does not attempt any network communication. The generator itself uses iOS's cryptographically secure pseudorandom generator. It is unavoidable that some fragments of the generated passwords stay in your iPhone's RAM, but no information apart from the settings is stored in a permanent manner.